John Lopez
Welding School

2925 Mosasco Street Unit B, Bakersfield, California 93312

The average welder is in their mid-fifties. Many of these people retire within the next 10 years, creating a tremendous need for skilled and experienced workers to replace them.

2006 Graduates

Basic Plate Welding General Welding

Aguilera, Flavio C
Avila, Elpidio
Brannon, Nick P
Castro, Roberto
Cisneros, David M
Duran, Alberto
Fuentes, Jose J
Garcia, Olga
Garcia, Sabino
Gomez, Margarito
Guyton, Peter
Herrera, Isidro
Ispache, Marvin
Lule, Fernando
Martinez, Guadalupe J
Martinez, Rafael A
Matt, Erich J
Montes, Oved
Moreno, Refuigo
Paredes, Juan M
Perez, Christina A
Robledo, Jose
Roman, Morelia
Sanchez, Antonio V
Saravia, Hector D
Sotelo, Roberto
Urquleta, Michel
Ode', Jared L

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