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The US Department of Labor's Occupational Outlook Handbook says job prospects for welders through 2012 should be excellent, with employment expected to increase 10 to 20 percent.

2010 Graduates

Basic Plate & TIG/MIG Welding Basic Plate and Pipe Welding Basic Plate Welding General Welding Pipe & TIG/MIG Welding Pipe Welding TIG/MIG Welding
Romero Jr, Fortino
Gifford, Gregory K
Hamman, Lupen S
Martinez, Juan A
Rendon, Enrique M
Vega, Philip P
Aldridge, Eric W
Barajas, James A
Barron, Jesus F
Board, Logan M
Cruz, Jorge A
Despain, Nathan R
Guardado, Alberto
Guerra Jr, Victor A
Gutierrez, Lino R
Hill, Elias A
Jimenez III, Guillermo
Lerma, Anthony D
March, Michael L
Meinke, Wade T
Mellinger, Ken
Morales Jr, Jesus
Perez, Luis
Sanders, Jonathan D
Smith, Christopher M
Solis, Carlos A
Thor, Elijah B
Vargas, Jorge L
Williams, Brandon M
Vargas, Ryan J
Sanders, Jonathan D
Board, Logan M
Board, Logan M
Caverhill, Michael P
Caywood, Brian K
Despain, Nathan R
Garcia, Salvador P
Guerra Jr, Victor A
Hagar, Jordan L
Hill, Elias A
Hinesley, Jim
Laulusa, Leauauga "Don" S
Manes, Cameron S
Martinez, Anthony M
Matt, Erich J
Perez, Jose G
Small, Nicholas T
Thor, Elijah B
Williams, Brandon M
Despain, Nathan R
Hill, Elias A
Williams, Brandon M

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