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Welding School

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The average welder is in their mid-fifties. Many of these people retire within the next 10 years, creating a tremendous need for skilled and experienced workers to replace them.

2010 Graduates

Basic Plate & TIG/MIG Welding Basic Plate and Pipe Welding Basic Plate Welding General Welding Pipe & TIG/MIG Welding Pipe Welding TIG/MIG Welding
Romero Jr, Fortino
Gifford, Gregory K
Hamman, Lupen S
Martinez, Juan A
Rendon, Enrique M
Vega, Philip P
Aldridge, Eric W
Barajas, James A
Barron, Jesus F
Board, Logan M
Cruz, Jorge A
Despain, Nathan R
Guardado, Alberto
Guerra Jr, Victor A
Gutierrez, Lino R
Hill, Elias A
Jimenez III, Guillermo
Lerma, Anthony D
March, Michael L
Meinke, Wade T
Mellinger, Ken
Morales Jr, Jesus
Perez, Luis
Sanders, Jonathan D
Smith, Christopher M
Solis, Carlos A
Thor, Elijah B
Vargas, Jorge L
Williams, Brandon M
Vargas, Ryan J
Sanders, Jonathan D
Board, Logan M
Board, Logan M
Caverhill, Michael P
Caywood, Brian K
Despain, Nathan R
Garcia, Salvador P
Guerra Jr, Victor A
Hagar, Jordan L
Hill, Elias A
Hinesley, Jim
Laulusa, Leauauga "Don" S
Manes, Cameron S
Martinez, Anthony M
Matt, Erich J
Perez, Jose G
Small, Nicholas T
Thor, Elijah B
Williams, Brandon M
Despain, Nathan R
Hill, Elias A
Williams, Brandon M

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