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John Lopez Welding School, Schools - Business & Vocational, Bakersfield, CA

2925 Mosasco Street Unit B, Bakersfield, California 93312

    The average welder is in their mid-fifties. Many of these people retire within the next 10 years, creating a tremendous need for skilled and experienced workers to replace them.
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Mission Statement

John Lopez Welding School seeks to lay a foundation for those men and women interested in making a career in welding. The small student population (20 students or fewer per session) will be trained to prepare the students for immediate employment. They will be certified welders upon successful completion of the course. The goal is to provide them with the skills and experiences to efficiently perform in the field, encouraging them to eventually run their own business. The small student population provides the one-on-one instruction needed for an effective learning environment.

John Lopez Welding School has been actively training and placing welders with construction and fabrication employers for the past four years. We use all of our resources in job placement assistance. Courses and teachings will be designed to guide students to use real job practice and skills to become successful in the field.

John Lopez Welding School provides training to students through a simplified and concentrated approach to learning fundamentals of various welding processes and the understanding and practicing of basic manipulative techniques. The objective is to teach students actual job practices used in the industry today. By simplifying the approach to learning, reducing the complexity, and concentrating on fundamentals, more rapid progress can be made. There are two main purposes for this: to supply the growing need of the industry for competent welders; and to fulfill the urgent necessity for students to develop employable skills.

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