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    Many members of the welding industry believe that women possess the characteristics that make up a good welder, including a steady hand and meticulous eye.
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8 Quick Questions....

Why waste money on help wanted ads?
Can you really tell from an application and a 15 minute interview who will show up every day?
Does an application tell what they are able and want to do, or just what they have done?
Do you have the time to contact all the past employers?
When you do, what will they really tell you? (everyone is afraid of lawsuits)
Do they really care if they work for you, or is it just another job?
Why spend your time training new hires to cut and grind?
How can we help you make money while making your job easier?
Here at John Lopez Welding School we have the “tools” you need to do your job…
People who want to work!
Everyone coming out of our school has gone through 5 to 18 weeks of intensive training.
   Some can squirt wire…
      Many can weld pipe…
         Most can lay down a pretty good bead (flat, horizontal and overhead)…
            All of them can cut and grind…
Most Importantly…
They all want to work in the industry, so much so that they have not only paid to learn the trade, but have shown up every morning at 7 am ready to learn and spent 8 hours each day practicing the craft.
If you have a specific procedure that you need to hire for, we will work with you to custom fit the instruction of our graduating students to fit your needs. That way your new employees will be doing the same thing here in their last weeks of training, they will be doing for you on their first days on the job.
Give us a call any time and let’s discuss how we can start helping you become more profitable!

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